What is a Torch?
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What is a Torch?

by Angel Studios | April 4, 2023

A Torch is a prototype video that is at least five minutes long and accurately represents what the final production will look like. The Torch should give the average viewer a good understanding of the plot, tone, and pace of the story; therefore, the Torch must be a representative sample of the final production. To provide the best possible experience for the viewer, Angel Studios has guidelines that filmmakers must abide by. These guidelines are listed below.

Types of Torches Accepted

  • Completed Productions: A completed production is ready for distribution and will not undergo changes prior to distribution. The viewer will be informed that what they see is what the final production will be. If a filmmaker has a completed production ready for distribution, they may submit the entire production or a selection of scenes from the final production as their Torch.

    • Example: His Only Son submitted their full film for review by the Angel Guild.

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  • Prototypes: A prototype is a concept piece that shows what the final production will look and feel like, as well as demonstrate the filmmakers’ ability to produce high-quality work. Short films and concept scenes are examples of prototypes.

  • Animatics: An animatic is a collection of storyboard illustrations in succession with voice acting or dubbing. Animatics are only accepted as Torches for productions that are meant to be animations. Live action productions must produce a prototype or completed production as defined above.

Tuttle Twins Sketch Art

Time Requirement

A Torch must be at least five minutes long to receive consideration for the Angel Guild. Although there is currently no maximum time limit for a Torch, we strongly advise that Torches be kept under 20 minutes.

đź’ˇ Torches around 10 minutes have historically performed the best.

Animation: Because animation is costly to produce, exceptions on the minimum time requirement for completed animation have been reduced to at least two minutes. If possible, the filmmaker should also include incomplete animations or animatics to accompany the completed animation.

Content Types Not Currently Accepted

The Torch should take as much burden off the viewer as possible in envisioning the final production. Angel Studios is not currently accepting scripts, trailers, sizzle reels, pitch decks, books, or audio files for review by the Angel Guild. Reasons for why each content type is not accepted into the Guild provided below:

  • Scripts: A Torch must be video content. Although a script describes the story, the Torch is meant to show the story for the average viewer.

  • Trailers: A well-edited trailer can be deceiving as to the true nature of the production. Essentially, a trailer can take an unattractive project and make it appealing to the general audience.

  • Sizzle Reels: A sizzle/show reel is a video resume for filmmakers. The Angel Guild is reviewing the project in isolation, not the filmmakers and their past works.

  • Pitch Decks/Pitches: Pitches/pitch decks are not allowed to be a part of your torch. This includes all the necessary context behind a production like the world of the film, the plot, and the cast and crew attached to the project. There is no visual aspect to a pitch deck the Guild can review.

  • Books: A Torch must be video content.

  • Audio Files: A Torch must be video content.

Credits and Title Sequences

The Torch should focus on providing a representative sample of the final production and should not include any additional information that is not directly related to the story. Credits should not be included in a Torch submission at any point. Torches that include opening credits, credits burned into the Torch, or closing credits will be asked to remove them prior to going through the Angel Guild.

Along with focusing on the story of the Torch, title sequences including the companies involved in the production should be removed prior to submission. A short introductory title sequence that shows only the name of the project is allowed.

Torches submitted as Full Length films are exempt from this new policy


As of March 2023, Angel Studios is not allowing extreme or excessive vulgarity in the Angel Guild. Filmmakers who submit Torches with vulgar content will be asked to censor or remove it before it is shown to the Angel Guild. This decision comes as an effort to provide a positive experience to the current Angel Studios audience and is subject to change as the type of content and people who watch it become more diverse.

Closed Captioning

Torches that are over 20 minutes long must provide their own closed captioning.


  • What if I don’t have a Torch?

    All filmmakers must have a Torch before receiving any consideration from Angel Studios and the Angel Guild.

  • Are there examples of Torches I can watch?

    Yes, you can go to angel.com/torches to see torches that have passed the Angel Guild. The torches are full videos minus the director commentary before or after.

  • Where can I submit my Torch once I have one made?

    You can submit your Torch at angel.com/create and clicking “Submit your Torch to Angel Studios Here”

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