Angel Studios’ Flexible Booking: Your Ticket to Stress-Free Cinema
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Angel Studios’ Flexible Booking: Your Ticket to Stress-Free Cinema

by Angel Studios | February 16, 2024

Angel Studios is in the business of rewriting the script on the movie-going experience. After all, why should life's curveballs steal the show when you're trying to secure the perfect seat?

Introducing Angel Studios’ Flexible Booking—our newest feature to change your seat, date, showtime, or theater selection up to 1 hour before showtime for free! We all know the feeling of securing a theater seat, only to have plans suddenly change. Whether it’s dinner plans going long or the babysitter falling through, Angel fans are now empowered to change their plans based on their needs.

At Angel Studios, we release our showtimes early for moviegoers. Why? By buying tickets for an opening weekend, theaters are incentivized to keep Angel Studios’ films playing longer. While we make tickets available to the public far in advance, the prospect of the opening weekend might feel like a distant event to plan for in the future. For this case, we make the booking experience flexible so you can spend less time calling your theater for a refund and more time in your reclined seat with popcorn in hand. 

Here are the steps on how you can make Flexible Booking a part of the Angel Studios’ theatrical experience:

Flexible Ticket Changes: Easily change your seat, showtime, or theater selection up to 1 hour before your scheduled showtime. To change your reservation, log in to your Angel account, and use the “Change Showtime” option in the “My Tickets” section.

Exchange Your Seats With Ease: Feel free to exchange your tickets for any available seats of equal or lesser value at no additional cost. If you opt for a higher-value seat, simply pay the difference. In cases where the new seat is less expensive, please note that the price difference is not refundable. You are welcome to cancel your current ticket and make a new purchase at your convenience.

Cancellation Policy: Cancel your ticket up to 1 hour before the showtime of your current reservation for a full refund.

Remember, this feature is only available through and through the Angel Studios app. 

Angel Studios has you and your families in mind when we distribute a film in theaters. Our films are changing the world, and we want you to be in on all the action— stress-free. Angel Studios' Flexible Booking is your golden ticket to a personalized cinematic experience. 

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