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Kendra Cunningham - On My Best Behavior

Kendra Cunningham riffs on how her mom doesn’t let her miss her and the dating game.

Brad Bonar - The Comedy and Magic of Brad Bonar

Comedian and magician Brad Bonar tells hilarious stories and does amazing magic tricks.

Bryan Cork - Don't Tell My Wife I Said Any of This Stuff

Bryan Cork tells tales about hooded lizards, mushroom hunters and men who never go bald.

Ross Bennett - Comedy! ... For The Rest of Us

Veteran comedian (and veteran) Ross Bennett delivers a hilarious set about his life stories.

Kier - Comedy Rock Impressions

A Bruce Springsteen impressionist, Kier is the singer-songwriter-comedian you never knew you needed.

Armando Anto - The Maestro of Comedy

Armando Anto comes to the stage as not only a comedian, but a violinist and guitarist.

Keith Stubbs - Poundcake

A comedian, actor, and DJ, Keith seamlessly blends his talents for a one-of-a-kind performance.

Jeff Allen - Honor Thy Wife

In this hilarious special, Jeff Allen gripes about the fitness and health world at 60 years old.

Jeff Allen - I Can Laugh About It Now

Jeff Allen hilariously connects with the audience through his married life experiences.

Collin Moulton - The Anti Animal Vegan

Collin Moulton is anti-animal. But his reasoning behind those feelings is hilarious.

Reno Collier - Monkeys and Stuff

Reno Collier argues that science is made up and says PE is the only subject he truly believes in.

Jim Colliton - Please Take The Lunch

Jim Colliton addresses paper shredders, turtles with ADHD, and the honest opinions of two-year-olds.

Chad Thornsberry - Junk-Cars and Valet Parking

An artful storyteller, Chad tells stories you'll need to hear to believe.

Chad Thornsberry - Fine Dining & Utter Nonsense

An artful storyteller, Chad tells stories you'll need to hear to believe.

Josh Blue - Get In The Pile

Josh Blue, comedian with cerebral palsy, breathes fresh air into the meaning of disability.

Josh Blue - The Disabled List

Josh Blue has the Dry Bar audience wheezing with laughter as he jokes about his cerebral palsy.

Karen Morgan - Go Dawgs!

Karen Morgan believes that middle-aged women who walk together, save lives together.

Karen Rontowski - Ridiculous Me

Karen Rontowski's charming and quirky comedy is complete with money anecdotes and names for gyms.

Kristin Key - Crafty

Musical comedian Kristin Key charms the Dry Bar crowd with songs about people judging and reptiles.



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